Piqua Postcard Puzzles

Piqua Postcard Puzzles

Every Thursday we’re sharing a historical postcard from Piqua’s past. Using Jigsaw Explorer, we’ve created digital puzzles out of these postcards. Check them out and enjoy them for your Throwback Thursday!

Piqua Historical Postcard Canal Boat

Piqua Historical Postcard Downtown Square

Piqua Historical Postcard Mainstreet

Piqua Historical Postcard Boating on the Hydraulic

Piqua Historical Postcard Schmidlapp Free School Library

Piqua Historical Postcard Piqua Club

Piqua Historical Postcard Fort Piqua Plaza

Piqua Historical Postcard Mainstreet Sepia Tone

Piqua Historical Postcard Fountain Park

Piqua Historical Postcard Market Square

Historical postcard of Piqua, Ohio showing Main Street at night.

Historical Piqua Postcard Shawnee Bridge in Piqua

Historical Piqua Postcard Forest Hill Cemetery in Piqua

Historical Piqua Postcard Wayne Street in Piqua

Historical postcard of Fountain Park in Piqua, Ohio. On the left side, is a walking path lined with trees. The right side shows a waterway where people are rowing boats. There are trees along the waterway and in the background.

Historical postcard of L.M. Flesh's Residence, Piqua, Ohio. The postcard shows the mansion's northeast corner. There are shrubs around the home and a blue sky with some clouds behind it.

Historical postcard of Swift Run Lake. Several rowboats are on the lake, and two have people in them. There is a bridge on the right side of the postcard. Further in the background are trees and a blue sky with a few clouds. Text in the bottom left corner reads "Scene At Sugar Loaf, Swift Run, Piqua, O."

Black and white historical postcard of Teddy Roosevelt giving a speech on the Public Square in Piqua, Ohio. He is on a platform and a large crowd of people are gathered around him.

Historical postcard of the Piqua, Ohio Old Lock-Miami Canal. The image features the lock releasing water. The sky is pale blue/yellow and brick buildings are visible. Trees and shrubs grow along the canal and near the buildings. An advertisement for Piqua Steam Laundry is painted on a brick building.

Historical postcard of the Favorite Stove and Range Co., in Piqua Ohio. The factory buildings are a deep brick red color, there is a water fountain in front of the building and black smoke coming from smokestacks.

Historical Thanksgiving postcard. The postcard features a fall scene including colorful oak leaves, walnuts, a basket and squirrels. A message on the postcard reads: "Happy Thanksgiving Memories. And close at hand the basket stood, With nuts from brown October's wood. Whittier."

Historical photo of the Piqua Christmas parade in 1958. The photo features a fire engine with Santa riding on top. There are crowds of parade goers on both sides of the street. There is snow on the ground. The photograph has been colorized with red, green and yellow in the mostly black and white photo.

Image Description: A historical black and white photograph of Mainstreet in Piqua in the 1950s. The street is covered with snow, a plow can be seen and there are a few people o the sidewalk. The Schine's Piqua Theater is in the forefront of the photo.

Historical postcard. The postcard is an illustration of a basket with a handle full of holly leaves and berries. There is a card in the basket which reads "Christmas Greetings" in gold and red letters. The postcard is edged in a gold border.

A scan of the cover of a publication called the Piquonian. There is a wintery scene with a cabin, three evergreen trees and lots of snow. The colors are navy and white. The title, PIQUONIAN and Dec '43 are written in navy at the bottom.

A scan of the cover of a publication called the Piquonian. It is a faded blue gray color, in the center is a wreath with a candle in the middle of it. At the top it reads PIQUONIAN and at the bottom it says Christmas Number 1931 Volume XXII December Number 2.

A scan of the cover of a publication called the Piquonian. It is a faded blue-gray color with a gold illustration of shepherds looking at a bright star in the sky. There are two sheep with them and a tree. At the top it reads PIQUONIAN and at the bottom Vol. XXI.

A scan of the cover of a publication called the Piquonian. It is tan with black illustrations of a branch of a pine tree with two pinecones. The top reads PIQUONIAN and the bottom reads CHRISTMAS Vol. 3 1911 No. 2. All of the words have snow on them, as do the pinecones. There is a ribbon border around the outside and a seal with a P on it.

Historical New Year's postcard. A cuckoo clock with the words "Happy New Year" written on the clock face. The clock has bells on either side of it and a few springs of holly around it. In the background is a small, snowy country scene. The rest of the postcard is gray.

A modern, full-color postcard of downtown Piqua during the holiday season. The postcard is an aerial photograph of downtown at night. There are lights on the trees and the gazebo on the public square. People are gathered in front of the Fort Piqua Plaza, which appears to glow.

A modern, full-color postcard of the flower gardens off of Main Street in downtown Piqua. Bright green, pink, and red colors are in the foreground. The Fort Piqua Plaza and a deep blue sky make up the background.

A modern, full-color postcard of red, blue, and white fireworks on a dark sky. In the background a small plane is visible. In the forefront is a red Piqua Fire Department truck.

A modern, full-color postcard of the Great Miami River. It's a sunny summer day with blue skies. There are approximately seven kayakers on the water. The Piqua water tower is visible in the background on the left side. The levy is bright green, and the trees along the river are dark green.

A color photograph of the front of the Fort Piqua Plaza. The image includes the Piqua Public Library sign at the entrance, all the way up to the top of the building. The plaza is a grey stone building with intricate carvings around the windows. The photo depicts a sunny day with a deep blue sky.