The Piqua Business and Professional Women’s Club collection was donated to and Found in Collection at the Flesh Public Library.  It was processed on November 30, 2004.  The collection contains one Gaylord 20x16 box and one Hollinger box. with three scrapbooks and nine file folders. 


The collection covers the years 1953 to 1993.  There are no known restrictions on the use of this collection.




The Piqua Business and Professional Women’s Club is divided into four series.


Series I – Scrapbooks (3)


Series II – By-laws and ceremonies


Series III – Information pamphlets


Series IV – Personal (pictures & poetry)




     The Piqua Business and Professional Women’s Club was chartered on May 3, 1953.  It was affiliated with the National Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Clubs, Inc.  Its objectives were – 1.  to elevate the standards for women in business and in the profession; 2. to promote the interests of business and professional women; 3. to bring about a spirit of cooperation among business and professional women of the USA; and 4. to extend opportunities to business and professional women through education along the lines of industrial, scientific, and vocational activities. 


     Each year the Business and Professional Women’s Club awarded a scholarship to young men and women pursuing careers in business.  It disbanded in the mid 1990’s.




Series I, Box 1:


   Scrapbook 1 – includes material from the charter dinner of the Piqua Business and Professional Women’s Club on May 3, 1953 to April 23, 1954.


   Original officers include -   President – Genell Horner

                                                1st Vice-President – Margaret Slaughter

                                                2nd Vice-President – Margaret Calder

                                                 Recording Secretary – Katheryn Pyke

                                                 Corresponding Secretary – Virginia Shafer

                                                 Treasurer – Jane Wise

                                                 Parliamentarian – Madolyn Collins


   Scrapbook 2 – includes material from 1986-1990


   Scrapbook 3 -  includes material from 1990-1994


Series II, Box 2


   By-laws and Ceremonies:


File 1:  By-laws, adopted April 14, 1952

                            revised:  September 20, 1962

                            revised:  December 18, 1972

                            revised:  September, 1976

                            revised:  September, 1984


File 2:  Brief initiation ceremony for new members


File 3:  Emblem Ceremony


File 4:  Flower Ceremony


Series III, Box 2


   Information Pamphlets


File 5:  Information booklet, 1953-54


File 6:  Supplement to Handbook of Federation Procedures, 1959


File 7:  A History, “Pride in the Past, Promise for the Future, 1920-1970”


File 8:  Information bulletins (12)


Series IV, Box 2


   Personal, Pictures & Poetry


File 9:  Pictures & Poetry