A Mysterious Creature
A Mysterious Creature
A Mysterious Creature is coming to the Piqua Public Library on June 8th! Showtimes will be 3:30pm and 5pm. Tickets will be available at the Children's Department starting May 20th!
Tickets are limited to one (1) adult ticket per child; children under 8 years of age must have an adult accompanying them during the event. Children must be registered for Summer Reading Club to receive their ticket. You can register your child for Summer Reading Club at www.piqualibrary.org/summer-reading-club

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Freed Will: The Randolph Freedpeople

“Freed Will: The Randolph Freedpeople From Slavery to Settlement,” explores one of the largest emancipations in American history. Nearly 400 formerly enslaved people journeyed hundreds of miles from Virginia to Ohio. They meant to claim land that was willed to them after they were freed. Upon their arrival to the Miami Valley, they were met with threats of violence. This is only the beginning of their story, which does not end in tragedy. The exhibit consists of nineteen panels and several display cases. Follow the Freedpeople’s history from freedom, their grueling pilgrimage and legal battles to community building in the present day.