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Teen Summer Club

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Teens and Tweens who have completed 6th through 12th grade are eligble to sign up on June 4th or after, at the 2nd floor Information Desk, pick up your Welcome Bag, which includes an Atlantis custom-printed T-shirt this year, and other goodies.  Join us in the 1st floor Louis Room every Tuesday and Thursday (June 5 through July 31st)  from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. 

Here's the plan:
June 5th-crafts, activities & snacks-Punk, Pet, & Kindness Rocks!
June 7th-movie & popcorn-Coco, Rated PG, 120 minutes
June 12th-movie & popcorn-Wreck It Ralph, Rated PG, 108 minutes
June 14th-crafts, activities & snacks-80's Rock
June 19th-activities & snacks-Rock Band/Just Dance Wii
June 21st-movie & popcorn-School of Rock, Rated PG-13, 109 minutes
June 26th-movie & popcorn-Thor Ragnarok, Rated PG-13, 130 minutes (this afternoon's program will be longer than 2 hours)
June 28th-crafts, activities & snacks-Heavy Metal

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