Piqua Civic Hall of Fame



The Piqua Civic Hall of Fame was established in 1995 by the Piqua Area Chamber of Commerce to identify and honor individuals or groups who have made a significant contribution to society.
Some of the requirements for election to the Civil Hall of fame are:
All individual candidates shall be deceased for at least one year and shall meet at least one of the following criteria:  Born in the greater Piqua area. Resided in the greater Piqua area for a significant period of time. Attended the greater Piqua area schools for a significant period of time. Died in the greater Piqua area. Made a significant contribution in their field while residing in the greater Piqua area. Made a significant contribution to the greater Piqua area.
All group candidates shall have been organized or functioned for a significant period of time in the greater Piqua area and shall be defunct or, if still on existence, be nominated for a specific accomplishment tied to a specific time period.

C. Oscar Baker

Harry L. Bell

Charles W. Bennett

William Stanhope Boal

Matthew Caldwell, Sr.

Viola Ruth Bowdry Clemens

Lucius Cohen Cron

Robert M. Davis

Valentine Decker

George Craig Dietrich

Godwin Volney Dorsey

Belle C. Buchanan Evans

Robert P. Fite

Henry Flesh

Alfred W. French, Sr.

Airhart M. Fry

John Scott Garbry

Philip Gates

Frank Gehle

Dominic S. “Don” Gentile

Goodrich Giles

Mary E. Hall

Robert Hance, Jr.

William Murray Harris

Robert Norris Hartzell

Samuel Hudson Heitzman

John Bernard Hemsteger

Leonard Hill

Lola Hill

Richard Hunt

Ethan E. Huntzinger

Minabelle Abbott Hutchins

Colonel John Johnston

Rachel Johnston

Stephen Johnston

Armin Jacob “A.J." Kaiser

Joseph Martin Kastner

George William Lorimer

Helen L. Louis

William Moore McCulloch

Kenneth McMaken

Mills Brothers

Granville Moody

Raymond S. Mote

Charles E. Musco

Frances Meilly Orr

William P. Orr

Lucy Patterson

William H. “Bill” Pitsenbarger

Randolph Slaves/Freedmen

John Allen Rayner

Harrison “Harry” Franklin Reser

Stephen Clegg Rowan

Dorothea “Dorothy” “Dollie” Rudd

George Rundle

Helen Schelle

Jacob Godfrey Schmidlapp

Cecil M. Simms

Samuel Knoop Statler

Darrell Taylor, Sr.

Louise Taylor

Charles B. Upton

Irene Hockenberry Upton

David Urbansky

George P. “Buck” Wertz

Joseph W. Yost