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Historical Happenings in and around Piqua during the month of June.

June 1, 1933--With the official ending of National Prohibition, the Lange Products Company began producing "Golden Lager".
June 2, 1902--The Wood Shovel & Tool Company was incorporated.  This firm was destined to become one of Piqua's biggest companies.
June 3, 1878--The city passed an ordinance to suppress the growing Red Light Districts in Piqua.
June 4, 1923--The Evangelistic Prayer League of Piqua held a revival at Fountain Park.
June 5, 1917 The beginning of World War I led to the organization of The Piqua Chapter of the American Red Cross.
June 6, 1927--A Piqua-made Hartzell Propeller was on the record-breaking air flight of Chamberlain and Levine.
June 7, 1900--The first Piqua Historical Society was organized.
June 8, 1909--Reacting to an increase in speeding automobiles, the foot patrol of the city police department began trying to enforce the downtown speed limit of 8 MPH.
June 9, 1942--The city mourned the passing of musician and former conductor of the May's Opera House orchestra. William Edwards Simpkinson.
June 10, 1960--The Piqua Aircraft Company's city airport was taken over by Hartzell Industries, Inc.
June 12, 1884--The first domestic electric lights were turned on at the Clark home at 628 North Main Street.
June 13, 1903--Civil War Congressman John Franklin McKinney passed away.
June 14, 1896--The Piqua Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) was organized.
June 15, 1885--The Miami County Prohibition Party held its political convention in Piqua's City Hall.
June 16, 1908--Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show starring William "Buffalo Bill" Cody and Annie Oakley opened to large crowds on the grounds at the top of Favorite Hill.
June 17, 1898--The East India Manufacturing Company moved to Piqua from Brooklyn, New York.
June 18, 1882--Jeweled garters were all the rage for young ladies in Piqua.
June 19, 1884--The city council passed an ordinance prohibiting baseball games on city streets or alleys.
June 20, 1915--The Airdrome, an outdoor movie theater opened at Stein's Park in Rossville.
June 21, 1837--The first canal boat reached Piqua on the Miami Extension Canal.
June 22, 1961--The Border City Savings and Loan Association's new building was dedicated on the northwest corner of High and Downing Streets.
June 23, 1961--The State Fish hatchery at Fountain Park was formally dedicated.
June 24, 1831--A traveling menagerie of living animals (a lion, camels, hyena, a kangaroo, a leopard and a zebra) visited the city.
June 25, 1915--The Lorimer Bridge (Shawnee) on East Main Street was formally dedicated.
June 26, 1923--A Citizen's Military Training Camp's recruiting office opened in the city.
June 27, 1915--The Grace Methodist Episcopal Church was formally dedicated.
June 28, 1909--The Piqua Board of Education hired George C. Dietrich as the new Superintendent of Schools at a salary of two thousand dollars a year.
June 29, 1807--The village of Washington (later Piqua) was platted out.
June 30, 1919--The Piqua Home Telephone Company, Inc. was formally dissolved.