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The Fine Art of Dying III Tour

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Mainstreet Piqua's final tour of the year, The Fine Art of Dying III, will be on Saturday, October 20 at 10:30 AM in front of the Forest Hill Cemetery office off of SR 66. Headstones, footstones and monuments have unique symbols and styles that reflect their age and the societal norms of their eras.  Many of the monuments were built in a grand style while others are more modest and present a feeling of private grief.  The tour will include lots of walking over uneven grass surfaces.

Each tour in the series will last approximately two hours. Tickets are available for the tours at $5.00 each.  Tickets may be purchased at the Mainstreet Piqua office at 326 North Main.  A 2018 walking tour brochure is also available from the Mainstreet Piqua office. The tours will be led by Piqua historian Jim Oda.  This project is sponsored by the Piqua Tourism Council with additional assistance from Mainstreet Piqua and the Piqua Public Library.  Call Mainstreet Piqua at 773-9355 for additional information.

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